Be the change

The power always has and still does lie with the people.

Inaction IS an action.

Voting isn’t our only power. Our power is in what we do, or don’t, every single day.

Every minute that we spend complaining is a minute we are not doing. Every moment we spend wondering why someone else doesn’t do X is a moment we’re not doing it either.

Do you perpetuate noise?

Noise and voting

Or do you inspire/lead change?

Doing and change

At least one philosophical difference between the two extremes is likely the manner in which one values oneself and others. Those who see themselves as less important than those in positions of authority might think their view or their ideas don’t matter. Surely the “others” are smarter than they; surely there’s a reason why their thoughts haven’t been put to action already by those with big titles.

The person who values oneself at least as equally as others knows that their very existence, all the things they do and don’t do, say or don’t, impacts the world around them, in ways small or big.

Which are you?

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