The line, the tipping point, or the sheep

Do you rest easily with the role of modern governments in our country, or do you question the ethical and health ramifications of the trajectory of governments abusing their powers?

What will it take to cross the line of the average citizen’s comfort? Perhaps the jump from 23 doses of 7 required vaccines in 1983 to 48 doses of 14 (by age 6!!) in 2014 isn’t enough. What will be? How many diseases should we fear? How many warrant chemically-induced protection? Will it be 100 doses? 40 vaccines? More?

Might the line be crossed when the public learns of the National Adult Immunization Plan (published February 5, 2015)? Is the adult vaccine schedule palatable? Will the addition of pertussis to tetanus every ten years, annual influenza, and vaccines for pneumococcal (pneumonia), Hib, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Varicella (chicken pox), meningococcal, MMR (measles, mumps and rubella), HPV and Zoster be enough to cross the line?

What will happen when vaccinations are required for employment (beyond healthcare workers)?

What if government starts overreaching in other areas as well; what if counties and states start mandating treatment for diseases and illnesses based on diagnosis alone, raping individuals of the right to second and third opinions, seeking alternative treatments or foregoing any treatment whatsoever? Will that cross the line?

Or might the masses begin to take offense to the pandering by pharma and government via help by the media, stop fighting with their fellow citizens, and start asking questions and demanding answers? Will the tipping point of concerned citizens be reached, enough of them to effectively pressure the government to back off?

Or will the thinkers and questioners slowly be silenced or jailed, until only the sheep remain?

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