Melly TudeRecently resigned from the auto industry, Mel is the “stay-at-home” mom of two little red-headed boys. She works as the business manager at Scribe Publishing Company, and is a proud NaNoWriMo winner, having completed a 50,000 word DRAFT of her fiction novel Undone in November 2014 (presently being revised and polished).

Mel’s interests include nurturing her boys, gardening, whole-foods cooking/blogging, cheering her husband on at VSCDA races, reading, talking cars, science, philosophizing, writing, making pottery, traveling and spending time with friends and family. .

MelCorrigan.com is a blog about life and perceptions. Passionate about submitting only to the verdict of one’s own mind and advocating for choice, Mel writes about themes such as community, education, dynamic versus static existence, binary versus romantic (complex) considerations, and employing control volumes to assess situations and perspectives. Snippets about her upcoming fiction novel and the process of polishing it and pitching it to publishers are shared as well.

A little history

Mel Corrigan left grad school as a PhD all but dissertation (ABD) in February 2008 to start her automotive career as the battery integration engineer on the Chevy Volt. She later worked as a combustion engineer developing diesel combustion and aftertreatment systems for passenger-vehicle/truck engines. One of her proudest achievements was writing and defending her doctoral thesis while working full time with an new infant son, and credits the support of her husband for making it possible.

A graduate of both Wayne State and Penn State Universities, she holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering, and an M.S. and doctorate in Fuel Science. Her passion for writing led to a freelance writing venture while taking an extended leave from her role in the auto industry after the birth of her second son. While her formal writing credentials are technical in nature (ACS preprint, M.S. and doctoral theses, and a contributing author to a book chapter for synthesis gas), Mel has enjoyed creative writing (both fiction and non) for decades and has been blogging for years.


One thought on “About

  1. Hey Mel: Love the WordPress website. I am long overdue to put together a good website since our move to UMich. Would you be interested in reviewing a paper on Hydrogen IC engines? I am serving as an Associate Editor for Energy & Fuels these days. regards, Andre

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