Undone became a DRAFT of a novel during November 2014 when I succeeded in the NaNoWriMo challenge to write a 50,000-word novel in thirty days. Currently, I’m editing and revising the manuscript as I prepare to pitch it to agents. I am developing the characters and expanding the plot in regards to the protagonist’s career.

Here’s a blurb-in-progress about Undone:

Anna’s academic and professional successes have always developed more organically than her love life. With a checkered past of career ambitions superseding romantic relationships, she’s surprised to find herself happily dating Raj, the property manager of the flat she rents. If only she could keep her nemesis, Alex, at bay (and out of her dreams). Meanwhile… life is just grand for her best friend, who’s success at work and stumbling upon the woman of his dreams outshines Anna’s so-called-life. When a secret from her past creates turbulence for her previously pristine relationship with Raj, she finds herself exploring life in ways she never has before, and questioning everything she thought she knew: about herself, relationships, and life.

Fiction: Chick Lit meets auto/tech industry in Detroit, New Adult


Silencio is a dystopian fiction novel in-progress that explores a world in which individuals have sold themselves to the entities with the deepest pockets and deferred their authority to the premiere sociopaths. They’ve handed over their perceptions and lives to those with the audacity to tell them how to live. It’s an exploration of how what might be perceived as good intentions will evolve to dire consequences.

Fiction: dystopian

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