Resume writing

  • Editing: $35, includes one revision
  • Transforming: $50-65, includes one revision
  • Creating from scratch: $75+, includes 15-minute phone call or electronic exchange


  • $0.25/word
  • Includes 2 revisions
  • $75 minimum


  • Proofing for typos, spelling, punctuation, capitalization and awkward grammar
  • $2.25/page (page is 250 words)
  • Require MS Word document (upcharge for hard copy markups)
  • $35 minimum
  • NOTE: This service is intended for documents that have been reviewed/edited previously

Technical writing/research/editing

  • Contact me to discuss your project and price quote.
  • Skills: strong technical acumen, organizing information, crafting compelling arguments based on quality data/supporting resources, critical analysis
  • Credentials: BS in chemical engineering, MS and PhD in Fuel Science

*Style guides referred to: Strunk & White’s The Elements of Style and The Chicago Manual of Style.

Contact dr dot mel dot corrigan at gmail dot com to get started!