Here’s what authors had to say about my presentation “What to do BEFORE you Pitch or Publish” at the 2018 Fall Rochester Writers’ Conference:

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“Finally, Mel Corrigan’s class…well, I’ve already published THREE books, so I was this close to taking a different class. I can’t express how happy I am that I stayed…the amount of information that Mel packed into that 75 minutes was absolutely writing-life-changing. You know when you have that realization that you still have SO MUCH to learn? She made me feel that, but in a great energizing way. Plus, she gave equal time to those who want to publish the traditional route, and those who prefer to stay the indie course (like myself). If I’d arrogantly pranced right out of that room, assuming I ALREADY KNOW WHAT TO DO TO PUBLISH MY BOOKS, KTHXBAI, I would have missed out on some of the best advice and instruction of the entire conference.” -Katie McNeil @TwinTypeBooks from her blog post

“Thanks for a well-organized and thorough overview. Useful for beginners and those on the cusp of querying.” -Gabriella L. Garlock

“This course provided a balanced, insightful look at publishing options. The information was extremely helpful, and I am moving forward on the traditional path for my children’s book.” -Cheryl Weiss

“Your presentation was practical, upbeat and encouraging.” -Jennifer Pye Gebbie

“Very well organized. Explanations were easily understood.” -Judy Khadra

“This course provided very practical information and encouragement.” -Anonymous

“Very helpful in determining [the[ reality in industry. Good comparison of traditional and self-publishing.” -Anonymous